Hi. You're probably here because of something to do with electric cargo drones, solar/electric cars, vehicle aerodynamics, shock waves, or ground effect flight.

These days I run Seaflight Technologies, a Y Combinator-backed company I founded to build the world's most efficient electric drones for logistics. Seaflight spun out of my R&D company, Rebel Research, where we developed projects for transportation and the environment.

My background spans leading the aero/range team at EV startup Canoo, working on sustainable buildings for a Fortune 500 multinational engineering firm, researching and teaching at UNSW Sydney in Australia, and at California Polytechnic State Universty (Cal Poly) where I also refurbished and directed the Low Speed Wind Tunnel. My students and I had lots of fun working with partners like NASA, Tesla, Joby Aviation, Honda, FLIR, and more.

I designed 2 vehicles that set international electric land speed records, and one that didn't.

In my former life as a Lockheed Martin-endowed professor, I produced over 90 peer-reviewed technical papers - if you are looking for an archive, most of them are listed here or here, and a bunch of random videos and press clippings are here.

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Here are a few objects that I helped air go around.

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