You're probably here because of something to do with solar/electric cars, vehicle aerodynamics, shock waves, or ground effect flight.

I founded Seaflight, a company working on electric ground effect flight as a technology enabler for logistics. Seaflight was spun out of my independent climate tech R&D company, Rebel Research, where I led projects to do with transportation and the environment.

My background spans leading the aerodynamics team at an EV startup, working on sustainable buildings for a Fortune 500 multinational engineering firm, researching and teaching at a THE Top 100 research university in Australia, and at a top-ranked teaching university in California where I also refurbished and directed the wind tunnel lab and where my students and I had a lot of fun working with research partners like NASA, Tesla, Joby Aviation and more.

I have 20 years of professional experience in the aerospace and automotive industries, including as a professor in academia with over 90 peer-reviewed technical papers - most of them listed here or here.

I dreamed up vehicles that set 2 international electric land speed records successfully, and one that didn't. My projects have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Popular Science, ABC News, USA Today, BBC World News.

This site has a little about some of all that.

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Here are some objects that I helped air go around.

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