You're probably here because of something to do with solar/electric cars, vehicle aerodynamics, shock waves, or ground effect flight.

I designed 2 vehicles that set international electric land speed records, and one that didn't. My projects have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Popular Science, ABC News, USA Today, BBC World News.

These days I run Seaflight Technologies, a Y Combinator-backed company I founded to build the world's most efficient electric drones for logistics. Seaflight spun out of my R&D company, Rebel Research, where we skunkworked projects for transportation and the environment.

My background spans leading the aero/range team at EV startup Canoo, working on sustainable buildings for a Fortune 500 multinational engineering firm, researching and teaching at UNSW Sydney in Australia, and at California Polytechnic State Universty (Cal Poly) where I also refurbished and directed the wind tunnel lab featuring the Dan Gurney rolling road from All American Racers. My students and I had lots of fun working with partners like NASA, Tesla, Joby Aviation, Honda, and FLIR.

In my former life as a Lockheed Martin-endowed professor, I produced over 90 peer-reviewed technical papers - if you are looking for an archive, most of them are listed here or here, and a bunch of random videos and press clippings are here.

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Here are a few objects that I helped air go around.

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